Software Features

Classroom Behavior Management

Teachers can collect data, track behavior, and reward positive behavior in their classroom. Students and teams earn points for staying on task and engaging in expected behaviors.

Individualized Behavior Tracking

When problem behavior occurs in education settings, a teacher may not have time to search through different datasheets to find the correct one. Class on Task offers a simple user friendly platform to collect data. Teachers can customize behaviors per students and track more than just points. The software offers a counter that tracks the number of times behaviors occur and a timer that tracks how long a behavior is occurring

Goal Tracker

Teachers can create a classroom goal to earn a specific percentage of positive points and use this as a whole class incentive for a reward or party. Teachers and students can also create individual student goals to track over time.

Monitor Student Devices

Teachers can monitor all students’ device screens at one time. There is an approved list and a blocked list that teachers can customize depending on grade level and content. When students are on approved sites, teachers can provide praise with one click. Teachers can also send reminders for students who are not on task.

Motivate Students with the Reward Store

Students can cash in their points they earn for positive behaviors for rewards in a virtual reward store. The store will list what rewards are available and how many points they need to purchase the reward. Teachers can customize the rewards by selecting items, activity, and the value. When a student requests to use their points for a reward, the teacher will be notified. Teachers can easily track who has earned what reward and what rewards have been delivered.

Measure Student Progress

Student reports can be customized by time frame, student, and class so staff can easily see changes in behavior. Data is atomically updated into graphs, so there’s nothing extra required from the teacher. Reports are easy to download and download if needed for meetings.


Our chat feature allows teachers, parents, and students to communicate with each other without releasing personal contact information. Pictures, files, and attachments can be easily uploaded to the chat box feature. Teachers can create message templates, schedule when messages are sent, and adjust office hours to change when they receive notifications.

Privacy Protected

We are committed to protecting student data and privacy. Students and parents are always permitted access to their data. Click for more information about our terms and conditions or privacy policy 

Whatever Device, Wherever You Are, Whenever You Need

Class on Task was created with diversity in mind! The software supports all operating systems and is compatible with phones, tablets, and computers. This software is not targeted to specific age ranges which makes it very versatile to use with students from Kindergarten all the way up to college. Best of all, Class on Task is all online and can be used during virtual teaching.


What people are saying about Class on Task

My school allows students to bring their own device to school. Class on Task offers a way for me to monitor all student’s devices at the same time. I can see what website and apps students are using, block websites, and send messages to students without disrupting the class.

 – Maria (Teacher)  

When I need teachers to collect specific behavior data for FBAs or BIPs, they can do this through the app. The app graphs the behaviors and I can see the data immediately on my end. It makes the process of data collection much faster.

 – Elizabeth (School Psychologist)  

Class on Task makes it easier for me to take data in my classroom. I love that everything is in one place!”

 – Sara (Teacher) 

The parent and student messaging feature is great for virtual teaching! I schedule most of my messages ahead of time so it saves a lot of time during the week!”

 – Ben (Teacher)  

As an administrator, I like to see my entire school’s data in one spot. Class on Task does a wonderful job providing a variety of reports showing whole school data, classroom data, and student data.

 – Anthony (Principal)