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Selecting a package

What if we want to change our package?
  1. If the school wants to increase their packaging, then:
    1. ***Can increase packaging at any time whether under contract or month-to-month. If they are under contract than the contract ending date remains the same***
    2. Billing date remains the same and they are prorated for charges
  2. If the school wants to decrease their packaging, then:
    1. ***Can ONLY decrease packaging if they are month-to-month, CANNOT decrease packaging if they are under contract***
    2. They can change their package, but it will only go into effect on their billing cycle date
What if we would like to change our diskspace?

No changing of diskspace, you have unlimited storage of data

Can we change the packaging ourselves or do we have to speak with someone?

Yes, you can change the packaging on your own in the system.


When will be our billing date?

If schools sign up for monthly payments, their billing date will be the date that they sign up during the month (Example: Signed up on January 18th, billing date is the 18th of every month)

What if we want to change our package or any other parameters within the package which influence the price in the middle of the payment period?

School can change packaging and it will go into effect immediately, school keeps same billing date, but gets prorated

Do we support discounts?
What will happen when our payment period (agreement) expires?
  1. Month-to-month contracts will automatically be renewed unless cancelled before renewal date each month
  2. 1-year agreements must be cancelled 30 days before contract term date or contract auto renews for another year
  3. 2-year agreements must be cancelled 60 days before contract term date or contract auto renews for another 2 years
  4. Reminder emails will be sent to customers informing them that the agreement is about to run out


How is my account information protected?
  1. Class on Task is FERPA, HIPPA, and COPPA compliant. We take extra measures to ensure your privacy is protected.  
Who can view student data?

School administrators, the student’s teacher, the parent of the student, and the individual student can view their data. Student data is not used for any other purposes outside of the school.  

What is the privacy policy?

Click here to view our privacy policy.

What are the terms and conditions ?

Click here to view our terms and conditions.  

Is the system FERPA compliant?

Yes, the system is FERPA compliant as well as HIPPA and COPPA.