Less Problem Behavior

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Class on Task was created by teachers who want to help teachers! We understand that when problem behavior occurs in a classroom, teachers lose valuable instruction time. Class on Task combines a variety of features in one place to make it easier for teachers to track and improve student behavior.  

Simplify Data Collection

Paper datasheets can be confusing, hard to find, difficult to organize, and easily lost. Class on Task provides a variety of digital data collection options all in one platform. Teachers and students receive immediate feedback. Data and reports are easily available for IEP meetings, parent teacher conferences, report cards, etc. 

Class on Task and Virtual Learning

Times are changing and so are the ways we need to teach! We planned features in our software to support teachers who are teaching in a classroom as well as teachers who are remotely teaching. Keep your students engaged, learning, and on task across a variety of settings. 

How Class on Task Will Help Your School

Innovate Classroom Behavior Management System

Increase Appropriate Behaviors

Improve Data Collection


Create Student and Classroom Goals


Monitor Student Devices


Reward Store


Track Student Progress


Easily Access Student Reports


Grow Parent and Teacher Communication

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Are you ready to get your students on task? Let’s work together to help support your teachers and students!